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Frequently Asked Questions 

Online Learning

How will I communicate with my instructor and classmates?


There are a variety of ways to communicate in an online course. Some of the communications methods utilized by faculty include e-mail, discussion, and chat. The instructor may correspond individually with a student via e-mail to comment on student work and/or to answer questions. E-mail may be sent to the entire class to post instructions for completing assignments, or the instructor may post a question or comment for student response within the online classroom. Students have the ability to either e-mail the entire class, their instructor, individual students in the class, or communicate directly in the online classroom. The online forum provides a place for faculty to take up questions for student discussion. In online learning, this is frequently called asynchronous (or not at the same time) communication. One message follows the other in chronological order, and individuals can respond not only to the original posting but also to comments made by other students. This is called a threaded discussion. Online chat provides an opportunity for faculty and students to communicate with one another in asynchronous discussions. Faculty may schedule formal chats with their students to cover specific content and/or to solicit the participation of invited guests which include experts in their field. 

How do I turn in my assignments?


Most assignments are submitted within the classroom through a discussion board area online. 

How will I be tested?  


UCHA relies on ‘inventories’ to check in with the student’s progress. These are mostly delivered through an instructional online program. Some final exams are either taken on-site or through an approved proctor. 

Will I be able to learn online as I would on-site?


For over a decade, UCHA has offered a blended program in massage therapy. Its first Blended class began in January of 2003. The College has had time to compare it with its 100% residential or on-site program that began in 1995. The College can show high PASS rates on the licensing exam since 2004. For example, some UCHA graduating class have had a 100% PASS rate. National averages can be as low as 50%. The interactive format used online to allow for collaboration. Students become the authority of their own knowledge. This is NOT a format where one sits in a classroom and listens to a teacher talk for hours and you take notes. Usually, the one that learns in that setting is the teacher because they had to get ready for the lecture. Online learning allows for active participation by each member of the learning community. 

I have never taken an online class before. Will I be able to understand and navigate throughout the online format?


UCHA has deliberately chosen a classroom management program that allows for easy navigation. The UCHA Student learning community is a diverse group, some with little computer skills and others who develop computer programs for a living. There are students with GEDs and others with PhDs. Our youngest student was 17 years old and our oldest student was 75 years old. The format is simple and accommodating. Everyone is helping each other. During the initial orientation, UCHA will provide time for a computer lab. Here the class is introduced to and becomes familiarized with the cyberspace classroom. UCHA provides technical support throughout the program. 

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